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Turton School of Choi Kwang Do

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Turton Sports Centre, Bromley Cross Road, Bolton BL7 9LT

Sharing an experience


How many time have you as a parent watched your child from the sidelines? Cheered them on but not been able to join in?

Choi Kwang Do is a martial art for the entire family. Parents, children and even grandparents can train together, learn together, and share the journey to black belt and beyond.

And everyone, from adults to children, will benefit.


Fitness & Health

Choi Kwang Do is a martial art based on natural body movement and places minimal stress on our bodies.

Kids will have fun and burn off some energy while improving their flexibility at an age when bones are supple and developing an enjoyment of fitness that can carry through to later life.

Parents and grandparents will benefit from our progressive drills, which are designed to increase cardiovascular health and endurance, improve your flexibility and strength, and develop general health and wellness. Progression is balanced and gradual, enabling the body to adapt and reducing the risk of injury.


Become part of a welcoming community, supporting each other in our goals and black belt journeys. Make new friendships in a non-competitive environment that will teach children the importance of respect, discipline and helping others.

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